1. The IQ Test consists of 30 questions that should be answered within the specified time. The test will be automatically scored after the said time and cannot be paused in between. Therefore, make sure you have between 20 minutes and 40 minutes before you start.

2. In each question, you have to choose one of the variants (one of the possible answers) on the right side to replace the missing shape on the left.

3. Questions answered wrong will not lower your score. Questions left in blank will not either. Only the questions answered correctly will add points to your score.
4. You can skip questions to return back to them later.

5. You can also quickly navigate all the questions of the test with the grid of boxes below the test. Just click on the box containing the number of the question you want to go to.

6. In order to finish the test, you must go to the last answer, answer it, and click on “Get Results”.

I completed checkout but I haven’t received my results

  1. Check your spam folder: How to check your spam folder in gmail and Hotmail
  2. If you can’t find our email with your results, please, get in touch with us and we will send them to you