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What is an official IQ Test exactly?

An official IQ test could be defined as an IQ test that is able to produce valid and reliable results that have diagnostic value. That’s what people commonly refer to by “official”. An IQ test that could be regarded as accurate must have an acceptable degree of psychometric validity and reliability. Tests such as the Raven’s, the WAIS (Weschler Adult Intelligence Scale), or the Stanford Binet scale, are good examples of “official” IQ tests.

A test is said to have “psychometric validity” if what is being measured correlates with what the test actually intends to measure. Roughly speaking, if a test measures intelligence, it should correlate with how smart test-takers are, and not with, for instance, how high their emotional intelligence or their social skills are.

Last, an IQ test is said to have psychometric reliability if it produces the same results (or very similar ones) after each administration. This concept is very easy to understand. If we measure the temperature of an object several times and we obtain a different result in each measurement, (let’s assume the real temperature was the same all the time) it will mean that our thermometer is not reliable; it is probably broken. The same applies to IQ tests and other psychometric tools.

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How do I take an Official IQ Test?

Taking an official IQ test can be a valuable way to assess your cognitive abilities and gain insight into your intellectual potential. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to take an official IQ test:

1- Understand the Purpose of an IQ Test: Before taking an official IQ test, it’s essential to understand what it measures. IQ tests are designed to assess your general intelligence, including your problem-solving, logical reasoning, and abstract thinking skills.

2- Research Accredited Test Providers: Start by researching reputable organizations or institutions that offer accredited IQ tests. Some well-known providers include Mensa, the Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scales, and the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale (WAIS). Ensure that the test you choose is recognized and accepted in your intended context.

3- Choose the Right Test: Different IQ tests cater to various age groups and purposes. Select the test that suits your needs and demographic. There are IQ tests for children, adolescents, and adults. Some are designed for clinical evaluations, while others are for admission to high-IQ societies.

4- Schedule an Appointment: Once you’ve identified the appropriate IQ test and provider, schedule an appointment. This might involve contacting a local testing center or signing up for an online testing session, depending on the test format.

5- Prepare for the Test: While you can’t study for an IQ test in the traditional sense, you can prepare by ensuring you are well-rested, alert, and in a comfortable environment. Be sure to follow any specific instructions provided by the test provider regarding preparation.

6- Take the Test: On the scheduled date and time, take the IQ test under supervised conditions if required. This ensures the integrity of the test results. During the test, focus on each question and try to answer to the best of your abilities.

7- Receive Results: After completing the test, you will typically receive your IQ score. This score reflects your performance compared to the average population. Keep in mind that IQ scores are usually expressed as a standard score with a mean of 100 and a standard deviation of 15.

8- Interpret the Results: Understanding your IQ score is important. A score around 100 is considered average, while scores above 130 are often considered above average or gifted. Your score can provide insights into your cognitive strengths and areas where you may want to improve.

9- Seek Professional Guidance (if necessary): If your IQ test results raise any concerns or you have specific goals, consider seeking guidance from a psychologist or counselor who can help you interpret the results and provide advice on how to use them constructively.

10- Use the Results Wisely: Remember that an IQ score is just one measure of intelligence. It doesn’t define your worth or potential. Use the insights gained from the test to set personal and educational goals, but always remember that your intelligence is just one facet of your overall abilities and potential. Taking an official IQ test can be a valuable experience for self-discovery and personal development. It can help you understand your cognitive abilities better and guide you in making informed decisions about your education and career.

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Where to take an Official IQ test?

The best place to take an official IQ test are psychology clinics. However, you might also get assessed in any HR firm or HR department willing to test you, in any faculty of psychology (which was also willing to test you) or even at school (provided the psychology office has the necessary knowledge and resources).

However, what most people who want to take a real IQ test do is just go to a psychologist/psychology clinic that is trained in administering these tests. The entire testing process can cost between $300 and $1000.

Another place where you can take an “official” IQ test is the Internet; you can just take an IQ test online. Online IQ tests might give a broad (very broad) estimate/approximation of someone’s IQ and are really good for practice purposes. However, they should not be used with diagnostic purposes or for drawing definitive conclusions. Online IQ tests are offered for informational or recreational purposes and not for being used as a valid assessment tool. No online IQ test can be as accurate as an in-person test administered by a professional.

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Can you take an official IQ test online?

Although it is true that online IQ tests cannot replace tests administered in person by a professional, online tests might still be useful for providing a very broad estimate of someone’s intellectual ability (assuming the test has been developed following best practices). If the reason why you want to get tested is just curiosity or intellectual recreation, the answer is yes, you can take an official IQ test online, and you might get results that are accurate enough or point you in the right direction; for certain purposes online IQ tests are valid enough. However, keep in mind online IQ tests should not be relied upon for drawing definitive conclusions nor for diagnostic purposes.

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What are some official IQ tests? List of Real IQ Tests:

According to the criteria of psychometric reliability and validity described above, the best real official IQ tests are :

1. The Brain Assessment Center’s Official IQ Test (It is probably one of the best IQ tests you will find online. However, keep in mind it was developed to be used for recreational purposes only. It should not be used as a diagnostic tool nor to derive definite conclusions).

2. The Raven’s Progressive Matrices (must be taken in person)

3. The WAIS (Weschler Adult Intelligence Scale) (must be taken in person)

4. The Official Mensa IQ Test (must be taken in person or online after paying a fee, which ranges from $40 to $100)

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Johnson Miller
Great experience, very intellectually challenging. Best online IQ Test I have ever taken

I had to take a series of IQ tests long ago for some stuff related to the army. My score wasn't the best then because I was a bit nervous, I have always had performance anxiety. I am glad this time I have been able to score a bit higher (I guess it's been thanks to the fact that now I've taken it form the comfort of my home) even though this test felt much more difficult and stimulating.

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Kevin Ardolf
My score was the highest among my friends

We did the test to see who was the dumbest of us, just to have a bit of fun. The loser would have to pay for the results of the whole group. I knew I would not come out the silliest but I wasn't expecting to be the smartest either!

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Dale Kamren
Great test and great user experience

Solving this test - and getting all the questions right - was very intellectually pleasant and stimulating. It was without doubt a great experience!

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